Dreamy Eyed Stripper

(exerpt of The Sin Room novel)
Copyright © 2014 K.B. Stevens

….as they disappeared down the dim side hallway of the diner to the dirty single toilet restroom and locked the graffitied door behind them, and Tina kissed him with unbridled passion before Tom spun her around and yanked Tina’s pink cotton panties with the purple hearts down so hard that they ripped, and she stepped out of them, and Tom bent her over burying his face between her supple thighs while Tina braced herself with one arm against the grimy wall in front of her as Tom thrust his long tongue deep into her sweet bubble gum pussy, sucking on her swollen clit and the lips of Tina’s snatch, tickling her anal flower with his nose as Tom licked her sweltering heat until Tina was begging so loud for him to fuck her with his thick cock that the whole diner probably heard, and Tom was in such a hurry to be inside of Tina’s honey-hole that he derailed his zipper getting out of his pants, but Tom didn’t care as he flipped up Tina’s short white mini skirt over her firm bubble butt, grabbing her shapely hips with both hands and entered her tight pussy in one stiff forceful motion, and Tina yelped with pleasure as he started pistoning her cunny faster and harder, making Tina moan at the torrid pleasure of the taboo quickie sex scene she was involved in with a married man, who was almost twice her age, in a nasty public restroom, as Tom squished in out of Tina’s sopping wet vagina with punishing force as Tom braced a penny-loafered foot against the toilet rim for extra leverage and Tina was forced to plant both hands on the dirty wall to counteract Tom’s powerful strokes, as he relentlessly pounded into her pussy, and each stroke brought Tina closer to ecstasy, as Tom leaned forward with a hand down the front of her yellow blouse, squeezing Tina’s boob, and pinching her erect nipple, as Tom grabbed a handful of her silky strawberry blonde hair in the other hand pulling hard, then yanking Tina’s head back to lick her sexy neck, and nibble on her cutely shaped earlobes, as customers with full bladders and crossed legs started to bang on the locked door, complaining loudly….

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