My Preacher Coerced Me Into Sex


Copyright © 2014 K.B. Stevens

Ginger stands me up and removes my blouse and bra, leaving me in nothing but my mini skirt.  She takes my hand and leads me to the big red support beam that runs from the floor to the ceiling in our living room.  She places a pillow at the base of the steel I-beam girder and has me sit on it with my back to the beam.  She leans me forward and places the second pillow behind my back and head.  She draws my arms behind my back securing them with the cuffs, then removes the satin tie from her robe and covers my eyes with it.

“You look delicious,”  she purrs.

I feel a little vulnerable blindfolded and handcuffed to the pole half-naked, but I trust Ginger.  Just then I hear a, ‘whoosh’ sound and feel a sting on my thigh; no doubt from her braided leather riding whip, of which she was quite fond.

“Ouch!  You bitch!”  I cry out, more in shock than pain.

“That’s no way to talk to your mistress,”  she says disappointed.

She runs the skinny strands from the end of the whip between my breast and across my neck.

“Spread your legs wider,”  she commands me.

Given my circumstances, I comply by immediately opening my legs.

“Oh that’s pretty.”  Ginger says in approval while brushing the whip against my blonde bush.

Crack!  I hear from the whip, seemingly before I even felt it snap sharply across my tits.

“Fuck, Ginger!”  I yell in honest pain.  “That hurt!”

“Don’t be such a cry baby,” she scolds, as she tickles the bottom of my bare feet with the whip and slithers it up my leg.

I couldn’t see it through the blindfold, but I’m sure she had a big wicked smile on her face.  She kneels down straddling my thigh and I feel her smooth hairless, Hollywood waxed pussy rubbing against my leg.

In a hushed voice she says, “I think I love you.”

I open my mouth to speak; not sure what I would say back, when I feel her hand gently covering my mouth and hear her shushing me to be quiet.

It must have been the exhaustion of working all night that was making her a bit loopy.  I mean Ginger and I have been messing around a lot lately, but she’s never said she loves me; not even after that time I made her come so hard she cried.  Ginger doesn’t tell her own boyfriend Matt that she loves him, but that’s probably on account of their open relationship and all.

She humps my leg a little harder and sucks playfully on my nipples while snaking a slender hand between my legs.  Ginger toys with my clit making small circles with her fingers, and  I feel the slightest hint of her pearly whites tugging on my erect nipples as she licks and sucks my tits.

Suddenly she plunges two fingers into my wetness, forcing an involuntary groan from my lips, then I feel Ginger’s long auburn hair gliding up against my boobs as she softly  kisses my neck.  She works her stiff fingers in and out of my dripping cunny while expertly pleasuring my love button with her thumb at the same time.  Ginger really knew how to get me going.

“Oh god, Ginger!”  I shout.  “I’m gonna cum!”

“Not yet my love; let’s cum together,” she tells me sucking and nibbling on my neck hard enough that I’m sure she’s giving me a hickey.

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