Take Off Your Top

(excerpt from The Sin Room novel)

Copyright © 2014 K.B. Stevens

Tina stood timidly in Fat Jojo’s office, like a baby deer in front of a hungry lion. She heard the words he spoke, but wasn’t sure if she possessed the emotional fortitude to go through with her plans. It’s one thing to decide, I’m going to take off my clothes for money, and quite another to actually do it. Tina was frozen; suddenly second guessing herself.
Fat Jojo recognizes the fear in her young eyes. “If you don’t want the job, sugar, I understand.”
Tina didn’t necessarily want the job, but the easy money it could provide was the foundation to following her dreams of becoming a model and helping her mother out of hard times.
“Listen honey, either take off your top, or hit the bricks. If I wanted a statue in my office I would’ve gone down to the art museum,” Fat Jojo says.
Tina digs deep, and uncovers more courage than she would have dared to imagine. Tina slowly wiggles out of her trench coat and sets it on the chair next to her. Carefully, she undoes the pearly buttons on her pink blouse and takes it off.
“Now take off your bra,” Fat Jojo says.
Tina unhooks the front clasp on her bra, slides the narrow straps off her shoulders and fearlessly lets her bra fall to the floor behind her.
“Okay?” she asks, standing before him topless.
Fat Jojo leers with delight at her nubile body. “Give us a spin, sweet thing.”
Tina slowly turns in a circle.
“Wonderful, sugar! Simply wonderful!”
“You want to see me dance?” Tina asks the sweaty black man, as goose bumps started to rise on her chilly skin.
Tina found it kind of odd that Fat Jojo was perspiring so much in the cool office. She also thought it was strange the way it was taking him so long to answer. Fat Jojo just sat there scratching his chin, staring at her boobs, and rubbing himself behind his desk in places that Tina was happy she couldn’t see.

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