Works In Progress

Hypnotizing The Ice Cream Twins For Sex

Copyright © 2014 K.B. Stevens

I scream, you scream, we all scream for dirty kinky sex with hot teen twins!  They were like Ginger and MaryAnn from that old TV show Gilligan’s Island; one was the cute innocent girl next door, and the other was the smoldering hot dick-tease.  Complete polar opposites except for 3 things; they both worked at Friendly’s Ice Cream, they both had giant D cup blossoming boobies under their tight tube tops, and they were both extremely fuckable.

Everyone wanted a piece of these two long legged sisters; the cocky jocks, the introverted nerds, the tragic gothic boys, the dirty headbangers, they all lined up in the mall for the crappiest freezer burnt ice cream in town served up by The Ice Cream Twins.  There was nothing cold or frigid about these two.

Separately they were hot enough to melt any man’s popsicle, but together they were a triple fudge sundae supreme of death by chocolate; sexual dynamite, and I had a plan to light their nubile fuses…so I guess that makes me the Professor.  I was gonna make that 9 and a half weeks movie look like a “G” rated Disney special.


I hurriedly pushed my janitor cart down the hallyway, dodging shoppers as I went.  I checked my watch; 12:29.  I was just in time for the daily show.
“Hey sister, is it hot in here?  Hell yeah!”  Elaine replies, fanning her sister Suzy with a dessert menu.  They both jump on the counter like in that movie Coyote Ugly, and start gyrating, shaking, and shimmying their luscious bodies to some trendy boy band music with a thumping electro beat.  Thankfully I cut a hole in the inside bottom of my pocket just for this particular occasion.  I plunged my hand into my pants, straight through the hole in the bottom of my modified pocket and grabbed my junk, I was jerking it in time with the gyrations of the twins on the counter.  Suzy bends over and Elaine spanks her ass.  I was hidden from view by the rolling trashcan I was pushing around.  Not that it mattered much because all eyes were glued to the twins, and every thrust of their hips and gyration of their unrestrained bosom; no cumbersom bras for these two.  I rocked my cock in time with the thrusting hips of the girls and then Elaine locked eyes with me, gave me a wink and licked her glossy lips with her pink tounge.


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